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2020 Shows

Scientastic (Primary)

Science can explain THAT?!


Tim thinks that everything can be explained by magic. Ruth tries to show him that most things can actually be explained through Science. The pair embark on a quirky and comic adventure through the world of Science in their attempts to find out how things work, and often need some help from members of the audience! Recreating experiments from all branches of Science, Scientastic brings the fun back into the lab and shows students that Science is for everyone.

Scientastic: Movement & Machines (Primary)

Modern Mechanical Marvels!


After of the smashing success of Scientastic, Tim and Ruth return with a brand new show. Breaking down science, technology and engineering into fun and easy-to-grasp ideas, Scientastic: Movement & Machines is an experience for all ages.

Aussie Allsorts (Primary)

Celebrating every story.


Everybody has a different history, a different story to share. Australia is a vibrant, multicultural country with a long history of diversity. Through comic sketches and interactive storytelling, Tim and Ruth take the audience on a journey through the history of multiculturalism in Australia, emphasising the value of living in harmony with each other. Aussie Allsorts leaves students with the message that it doesn’t matter which country or culture you belong to, everyone can be proud to call themselves Australian.

My Fretty Friend (Secondary)

A new comedy about mental health

Exploring the often unseen issues facing today’s youth, My Fretty Friend aims to offer a new take on mental health. Delivered by two performers playing a host of characters, and inspired by real-life stories, this new play furthers the dialogue for those struggling with anxiety and/or depression. An ultimately uplifting play, My Fretty Friend will inspire and entertain audiences while delivering a powerful message