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Six Decades of Bullying

The nature of bullying has changed over the years…

This year, Babble Productions is proud to be touring School Performance Tour’s acclaimed show, Six Decades of Bullying, written by Greg Howard. Provocative, dramatic and thought-provoking, this show tells four different stories, all based on real life incidences of bullying.

Using storytelling, drama and the occasional touch of comedy, the performers bring 45 different characters to life, spanning the years from 1968 to the present day. These stories show that, although bullying has moved online in today’s day and age, the effect on the victims is still very much the same.

A relevant show for all teenagers living in the age of social media. For more information, see the School Performance Tours website:

It is good to see that bullying is not a new thing – it’s just had different packaging over the years. The performers used versatile facial expressions and voices to create the wide range of characters, and their characterization and voice projection was spot on. A confronting and absolutely important show that every teenager, teacher and parent should see.

– Margot Kramiah, Loxton High School

Suitable for: High school (Year 7-Year 12)

Show time: 50 minutes + question time

Price: $6.60 per student ($6.00 + $0.60 GST)

WARNING: This show contains some mild coarse language, violence and themes of suicide.